Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring Vibenomics, Pipedrive, DeepIntent, Pinterest and More !

From hybrid events to following better digital asset management practices, there is a lot that B2B marketers have to keep up with to drive better marketing ROI. We caught up with some of the best technology brands and leaders over the week to bring you some of the latest insights, tips and martech updates:


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The thing about DAM is its potential. At first glance or at its most basic utility, it’s not very sexy. But when you start unpacking it from an architectural point of view, from the potential to build a robust tech ecosystem through APIs and connectors to the way you set up its governance, its metadata, and taxonomy, you give it a personality and breathe life into it. Inherent flexibility is essential to selecting a DAM: can it grow with you, can it accommodate all current and future states of content, will it be there in another decade, still laboring on

Sam Chapman, Director of Content Strategy and Brand Experience at Aprimo

Top MarTech News of The Week: 30th May to 03rd June

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Utilizing the concept of a value exchange will become increasingly important to marketers as younger age groups grow to dominate the market. Gen Z recognizes when they are being advertised to, and they don’t respond to it. They want to feel like partners in a brand, and they see right through targeted and inauthentic ads that are talking at them instead of including them. The same holds true for their willingness to share personal information in exchange for any rewards. Brands need to offer very specific, genuine and significant incentives to obtain the most critical forms of direct communication, like their phone number. Ken Willner, Chief Growth Officer at TextNow

MarTech Articles on Marketing Automation, Affiliate Fraud, Web Push Notifications and more!

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