A Few Good Marketing And Sales Automation Platforms To Consider For 2021

Marketing Automation has played a key role in shaping the success of modern day marketers. We are on a mission to improve marketing automation, one workflow at a time.” – Sourabh Mathur, Esanosys

It’s needless to press on the importance of marketing automation because we have already had plenty of positive thoughts on this. The concern boils down to which kind of marketing automation platform is good for your organization and how do you pick the best marketing tool for your business.

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A few top marketing and sales automation platforms you should consider to add to your marketing tech stack based on your marketing budget:

  1. Omnisend

It is now time to think about your future marketing strategies. Add Omnisend to your marketing arsenal and go a step further in your email marketing. Omnisend is an all in one platform which integrates your SMS along with the email campaigns making it easier for the marketing teams to be in touch with the prospects. It is one of the best marketing automation tools and known for its omnichannel functionality.

  1. Pardot

Pardot is the most used in B2B marketing and it has achieved some commendable achievements in the past. Pardot has already paved its way to being the top marketing automation platform in several surveys and lists. Pardot is an integral part of Salesforce and it has all the capabilities to cater to B2B marketing requirements, the main features being B2B analytics and account based marketing solutions.

  1. HubSpot

We all know about HubSpot and it is considered the best because it bears some unique functionalities against its other counterparts. HubSpot’s marketing automation will always focus on stronger inbound marketing features that includes content and search marketing. The tool also integrates the sales and service departments so that the teams can work better together.

  1. Eloqua

Eloqua is now an integral part of Oracle suite of tools and it is unique because it can work with every tool seamlessly in the marketing belt. With the help of Eloqua, you can enjoy more than 700 integrations leading to a pleasing and seamless experience throughout your marketing journey. Eloqua is mostly chosen by B2B marketers.

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  1. Wigzo

Another powerful marketing automation tool is Wigzo, which powers up your e-commerce very well. Wigzo is known as an omnichannel marketing platform helping several companies streamline their marketing tasks. Wigzo is good for B2B as well as B2C marketers to run their entire marketing campaigns from a unified platform. Some of the popular features are web push notification, personalized communication with users and so on.

  1. Act-on

Act-on is an automatic Growth Marketing Platform designed for enterprise brands. The tool can do everything for you starting from optimizing marketing initiatives, understanding customer experiences, collecting in-depth information about the prospects, to increasing engagement and analyzing target audience behaviors. With Act-on you will have a single and unified automation platform to cater to your marketing needs.

  1. Marketo

Marketo is one of the leading engagement platforms that helps in scaling up the businesses bearing the potential to grow rapidly in this competitive world. The best part about Marketo is that it is a cloud based platform and can help all kinds of organizations with its precise digital marketing efforts.

  1. LeadSquared

It is possible to run to complete high-velocity sales with LeadSquared. LeadSquared is a marketing automation platform that tracks, nurtures and manages the leads seamlessly. The tool is well-known as one customer journey automation tool that focuses on lead nurturing. The tool is designed to run the funnel faster so that the marketers can close their deal sooner.

  1. Drip

Drip is one of the well-known marketing automation platforms for e-commerce businesses. Drip allows the e-commerce marketing team to collect, organize and analyse each ounce of customer data. Right from the page visits, ad clicks, email opens and the cart gains, Drip offers marketers clarity in every part of their purchasing journey. Along with the email automation, Drip offers clear insights into the matrices that are useful for the organization.

The pandemic period has taught marketers the biggest lessons of their lives. The businesses who had already adopted to automation and technologies could thrive better given the market dynamics that the pandemic brought on.

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