Zoom Video Becomes the Seventh Built-In Integration in HubSpot’s Growth Platform

Zoom’s Entry into the HubSpot Platform Opens a Channel for the Latter’s Customers to Easily Organize Meetings and Webinars

HubSpot, one of the largest growth platforms globally announced the infusion of Zoom Video’s capabilities in its ever-growing platform facilitating a better conferencing experience to its users. 2018 saw Zoom to be the most searched term in HubSpot’s integrations directory possibly driving the latter to integrate. Since Zoom Video will be in-built, HubSpot’s customers can easily incorporate video into their day-to-day business operations. Webinars and video calls can be automatically scheduled with users in the HubSpot platform coupled with an integrated Zoom Video workflow button.

Stand-out features of this Native Integration are –

  • Automatic hosting of meetings via zoom once connected to HubSpot
  • Zoom Video becoming the default for meetings
  • Compatible for meetings through the CRM
  • The capability allows users to build a form and a landing page for a scheduled webinar
  • When these forms have been submitted this triggers an action wherein enrolled participants are added to a list
  • Zoom also auto-allocates a webinar ID which can be used for emailers and dial-in information

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“We grew the HubSpot platform significantly in 2018, and we’re excited to be kicking off 2019 with another great integration to help empower our customers,” said Kipp Bodnar, CMO of HubSpot. “As a global company that supports and encourages remote work, we know how important it is to have an easy-to-use solution to host video meetings – they’re essential to fostering an inclusive culture, no matter where you’re located. Zoom powers the majority of internal and external HubSpot meetings, so we know how powerful that is. We’re excited to add this integration to our platform help our customers see those same benefits.”

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Categorically, the HubSpot Platform permits its users to connect with market leaders along with opening new endpoints for similar providers to integrate with HubSpot. The technical documentation to achieve this integration is made public in order to allow any company that offers similar service to piggyback on HubSpot. This generates an extremely conducive win-win scenario for providers as well as HubSpot’s customers. While providers can reach HubSpot, HubSpot users can organize their providers and host them on one united platform. The other six brands that have also integrated with HubSpot are –

“We’re thrilled to partner with HubSpot on this integration,” said Thiya Ramalingam, Head of Platforms for Zoom. “They are clearly leading marketing, sales, and service platform for the mid-market. Tight integration with Zoom is going to immediately help HubSpot users connect and build trust with their customers.”

Globally, as remote working picks up speed, integrations like these are a blessing for the remote workforce.

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