Monet Software Announces Workforce Management for Amazon Connect

Monet Software, a Leading Provider of Cloud-Based Workforce Optimization Solutions Integrated Seamlessly with Amazon Connect to Improve Agent and Customer Experience

Monet Software which is a leading provider of cloud-based workforce optimization solutions announced that it has released an integration which offers to connect it with Amazon Connect.

Amazon Connect is a simple, self-service related, cloud-based customer contact service center which makes it convenient for businesses to deliver satisfactory customer services at a low cost. Amazon Connect functions on the contact center technology which is used by Amazon customer service associates around the world to power-up millions of other customer conversations. Amazon Connect contacts centers which can be functioning within minutes, thus being easily configured using a self-service graphical interface that helps manage agents, contact flows and easily track performance metrics.

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Shimon Keren, Monet SVP of Products says, “Monet WFO is an affordable cloud-based solution that was designed from the ground up to run on multiple AWS availability zones and adhere to best practices from AWS for the highest level of security and availability. This new release adds a seamless WFM integration to Amazon Connect, a disruptive contact center technology from Amazon, and enables companies to host a growing number of key contact center solutions on AWS.”

Chuck Ciarlo, Monet Software CEO says, “Monet has been developing out of the box integrations for many years. We are committed to continuous innovation in our cloud AWS offering to enable businesses to have flexible, scalable, and affordable solutions to elevate their customer experience. Monet Software is ready to assist Amazon Connect customers with a unified WFO solution that helps meet service level targets, improves customer experience, reduces cost, and empowers contact center agents.”

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This new release from Monet can now help with the addition of a cloud-based Workforce Management Solution (WFM) thus seamlessly integrating with Amazon Connect. This further helps in the provision of accurate forecasting, optimized scheduling along with real-time updates and agent communications.

Through a true cloud environment, Monet Software’s award-winning management platform includes call recording, quality management, workforce management and performance management. It also ensures a deep mode of flexibility, excellent user experience based on intuitiveness, thus resulting in an overall sense of increased productivity and reduced costs.

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