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For brand marketers to build long-term trust and customer loyalty, it is now integral for them to offer permission-based marketing and rewards to help create valuable engagement and interactions.

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We are moving towards an era of true humans plus machines collaboration.  Each brings different strengths that can work in tandem. AI-based tools have shown immense promise at disrupting various processes across the board. From marketing platforms, sales enablement tools, or helping finance departments optimize their working capital, AI-based platforms have started to become integral components of the business ecosystem.Urvish Vashi, Chief Operating Officer, HighRadius

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I believe CMOs must be a business leader first, and a marketing leader second. It’s imperative for CMOs to understand the financial model and the meta-level business goals, so you can keep marketing 100% aligned to driving those goals first and foremost. –Carrie Palin, SVP & CMO at Cisco



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