Qonsent and Encantos Team Up to Definitively Solve Data Privacy Issues for Children

Leaders in consumer-first data privacy and online education for children make headway where legislation like the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act has failed

Qonsent, the first consent enablement and consumer trust platform, and Encantos, a global web3 platform empowering creators who help kids learn, today announced a collaboration to address data privacy issues affecting children in today’s digital world. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) was the first step, but 20 years later too many companies have found loopholes and workarounds, creating an environment that is unsafe for kids and unsatisfying for parents. Encantos and Qonsent have developed an actionable solution to protect children’s privacy by underpinning platforms and communities with verifiable, persistent first-person consent mechanisms.

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Encantos consumer experience. Easy-to-navigate solution giving parents control of how, when, and where data is used.
Encantos consumer experience. Easy-to-navigate solution giving parents control of how, when, and where data is used.

The two companies were conceived and purpose-built to fill a need in their respective industries. Qonsent is the first of its kind consent enablement platform built to put consumers back in control of their data through trusted relationship building. Encantos was built to democratize and diversify education for children, creating a safe environment for creators, parents, and children to connect to teach valuable learning, literacy, and life skills children do not learn in school.

“Aside from COPPA there has been little focus put on the protection of children online. COPPA is just a legal action that many have found ways to circumvent,” said Steven Wolfe Pereira, CEO, Encantos. “Our mission has been to create a platform and community for creators, parents, and children to foster learning in a safe environment. By working with Qonsent, we’re ensuring our platform is fully compliant with data privacy laws and we’re also creating an environment of transparency between creators and parents regarding how and when a child’s data might be used.”

Encantos is a first-of-its-kind platform that leverages web3 development, AI, blockchain, and other emerging technology such as NFTs, all of which require a consistent, customizable framework that can ensure complete data transparency and privacy as the platform scales. The Qonsent solution will be embedded in the Encantos platform to allow for near real-time ID Validation and Smart Contract Consent modules before any data can be collected. Most importantly, Encontos will deploy a custom white-labeled Qonsent Wallet solution, which will offer an easy-to-navigate consumer interface that allows parents to easily manage how, when, and why a child’s data might be used.

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“Data privacy impacts us all but it’s so much more important when it comes to children as they’re often overlooked despite the fact that they are vulnerable online when it comes to impending legislation or addressing changes on how marketers collect and use personal data,” said Jesse Redniss, CEO and Co-founder, Qonsent. “Working with the dynamic team at Encantos and their community of creators, we’re able to ensure parents and children are safe while they learn, play games, watch videos, sing songs, and read books—whether they’re learning in school or studying at home. None of us should have to wait for big tech companies to make changes or bet on potential legislation to enforce data privacy measures so we decided to do it ourselves and for our kids.”

Qonsent products are easy to deploy, require little to no code, and quickly enable the creation of branded, frictionless, and most importantly easy to understand digital experiences where consumers can provide consent for the use of their data.

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