WISeKey’s WISeID Platform Helps Individuals and Companies Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

WISeKey offers free access to cybersecurity services to anyone in need of protecting their digital assets

WISeKey International Holding Ltd., a leading global cybersecurity, AI, Blockchain and IoT company, today announced that it has enabled free access to its WISeID cyber security platform of services, aiming to reduce the attack-surface on digital assets and personal information, and securely dematerialize electronic transactions.

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WISeID, based on the WISeKey/OISTE Root of Trust, integrates innovative technologies to offer any individual or business entity, the ability to create an account, accessing several basic services, free of charge, which then can be upgraded to access additional multiple cybersecurity services. The WISeID web services and Mobile Applications, already available for download and use, provide users with a digital identity that can be used to secure email communication, digitally sign documents with legal validity and is complemented with features such as dual factor authentication and single sign-on.

WISeID now also includes Cloud Storage, a new feature that enables users to keep a protected vault in the Cloud, using servers secured by WISeKey’s Swiss technologies. WISeID Cloud Storage can be used to store confidential documents in a personal Cloud safe area and be shared securely with other WISeID users, so removing risks for eavesdropping and privacy loss. WISeID Cloud Storage facilitates ubiquitous access to users’ personal files through multiple secure interfaces, like web browser, mobile applications for iOS and Android devices and desktop applications for Windows, Mac and Linux. WISeID Cloud is fully compliant with the EU New Data and Cloud Alliance which offers a broader push toward digital sovereignty, and it is intended to reduce dependencies from foreign technology providers.

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The WISeID security features are offered as a freemium service, where users can benefit from a free trial service, fully enabled to cover urgent needs and then, given the choice to purchase digital certificates or permanent storage with secure backup and other advantages, through an annual subscription. The service will also be offered to selected companies, in a B2B model. WISeID is accessible as a web service via the WISeId.com trust services portal and enterprise standard APIs that allow the integration with business applications.

“Cybersecurity is essential during these complex times. Trusted interactions are based on trust, and trust can only be achieved when all interacting parties can be sure of the identity of their counterpart, and can’t be eavesdropped nor manipulated,” said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey.

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