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Today’s B2B marketers need to be more technologically inclined to be able to run, plan and effectively measure multiple online campaigns; what are some of the best martech solutions and martech tips that can help?

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A best practice advertisers should keep in mind when balancing their digital and traditional advertising media mix is ensuring they have the ability to measure performance early, and often, during a campaign. By doing so, advertisers are able to re-allocate budgets to the media types that are performing best to ensure their campaign goals are being met as well as achieving a higher ROI or ROAS. 

Frost Prioleau, CEO And Co-Founder, Simpli.Fi 

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A solidified martech stack will enable organizations to drive sales up and keep costs down. The best way to optimize marketing costs is through the implementation of marketing tools that utilize AI and automation. By doing this, marketing teams can focus on higher-level, creative tasks, while AI and automation focus on the more mundane tasks, such as analysis, segmentation, measurement of engagement and content distribution. Michael Marcellin, CMO At Juniper Networks 

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