Viant and Adweek Survey Reveals Consumer Advertising Sentiment

Household Relevancy and Repetition Reduction Among the Most Important Factors

Viant Technology Inc., a leading people-based advertising software company, and Adweek, the leading source of news and insight serving the brand marketing ecosystem, today announced the results of a joint survey that examined consumer attitudes towards digital advertising. The exclusive survey, titled, “Can The Digital Ad Experience Be Saved?” is of more than 500 domestic consumers and revealed perceptions of digital advertising experiences, overall attitudes toward personalization, how they feel about the “value exchange” for personal information, and what consumers are willing to share to get the best possible ad experience.

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“What Consumers Want: How to Create Better Customer Experiences with Programmatic”

The survey was conducted in concert with preparations around Adweek’s upcoming event presented by Viant: “What Consumers Want: How to Create Better Customer Experiences with Programmatic,” where the below findings, among others, will be discussed in depth on December 8, 2021, at 1:00 pm ET.

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Key findings from the survey uncovered that:

  • Household relevancy is more important than ever: 63% say they pay more attention to ads when they are personalized to the needs of their households. The top categories for household targeting are CPG/grocery (preferred by 83% of consumers), travel (63%), autos (60%).
  • TV is the channel that influences purchase behavior: 55% of consumers say an ad on TV or streaming TV led them to discover a new product for their household.
  • Advertising exhaustion is real: 73% of consumers say they see too many ads and 78% are annoyed when brands over message them.
  • The best digital ad experiences start with relevancy: Asked to rate various ad experiences, 66% said they like personalization for the needs of their households, and 65% like personalization for their individual needs.
  • Focus on convenience: With consumers more concerned about privacy and identity, there must be a fair value exchange from advertisers for first-party data, and what consumers want is convenience in the form of free shipping (38%) and loyalty programs (37%).

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