Interview with Erwin Bos, Director of Sales, Europe, Tapjoy

Erwin Bos

“Apps offer so many better and more inventive ways to integrate ads natively into the app experience, as opposed to the tiny display banner ads that run on the mobile web.”

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Tell us about your role at Tapjoy and the team/technology you handle.

I am the European Sales Director at Tapjoy, which means I am responsible for building close relationships for the company with brands and agencies and trading desks throughout EMEA. Operating an opt-in, Advertising as a Service model, Tapjoy empowers people to unlock premium content in exchange for engagement with brands. Delivering throughout the purchase funnel, Tapjoy can drive any action from watching a video, installing an app, registering for a service or making a purchase — either direct or programmatically.

What draws you to DMEXCO this year? 

DMEXCO is simply the place to be for anyone and everyone involved in digital marketing. There is so much excitement and innovation in the space right now, and DMEXCO is where all the major players can come together to share ideas, discuss the latest issues and network. With the gamification of ads, the increased usage of interactive end cards, GDPR and other major developments taking place, those two days will be jam-packed!

How does a sales-pro learn from events like DMEXCO?

We learn by talking to our peers, listening to our clients, and sitting in on the great sessions scheduled throughout the week. Because DMEXCO covers everything from Virtual & Augmented Reality to Blockchain, there’s so much to soak in and try to figure out where the industry might be moving over the next few years. As a salesperson, it’s important to stay one step ahead of the curve, and conferences like DMEXCO allow us to do that.

Which events and people are you keen to meet at DMEXCO ’18?

Where do I begin?! I’m particularly interested in the “Presenting the Future” event because, like I said, I think it’s really important to know where the industry is moving and what’s coming next. I’m also interested in the side event on “Digital Day – The Art of Data,” because I believe that data is what drives all successful campaigns in this day and age. However, the key for me is to meet up with clients and prospects to discuss their needs and translate them into a strong mobile strategy.

How do you plan to extend the benefits of attending DMEXCO ’18 to your team, customers and technology partners at Tapjoy?

All the newly acquired know-how will be the new ingredients that will spice up our daily work. At Tapjoy we strive to provide our clients constantly with innovative solutions that will enable an above-average Return on Investment. Having connected and discussed with clients and partners over the course of two days we will be able to share our learnings within the organization. This will help us to redefine our vision, improve our products and put us in excellent shape for the future!

Why is transparency so important to the mobile advertising ecosystem?

Brands want to know that they can trust the publishers and technology partners that they work with. When they’re confident that they’re reaching real, human viewers, that their ads are viewable, and that they’re running in brand-safe environments, brands are much more likely to invest more of their budgets into the mobile advertising ecosystem. The only way to build that confidence and earn their trust is through full transparency. Being transparent and brand-safe is no longer an option—it’s a requirement. Brands and agencies should not accept anything less.

What makes sales in Programmatic Advertising such a challenging task? How do you automate your tasks for better sales productivity?

The biggest challenge in selling programmatic advertising is just being sure to educate brands and agencies about how programmatic works and what it can do to elevate their campaigns. Fortunately, many advertisers are now realizing that the efficiencies of programmatic advertising and the enhanced targeting that it provides are invaluable. Education will remain key since programmatic advertising evolves faster than anything else. We offer transparency, brand safety, a full-screen ad experience, PMPs, enhanced targeting options, and call-to-action end cards that engage consumers with the brands on a worldwide scale.

What advantages does in-app advertising have over mobile web advertising and other forms of mobile marketing? How do you connect the success with your sales numbers?

The biggest driver of in-app advertising is the fact that apps are where consumers are spending most of their time these days. The latest eMarketer report says that apps account for over 90% of internet time on smartphones. So apps are simply the place where advertisers need to be. But it’s also important to realize that apps offer so many better and more inventive ways to integrate ads natively into the app experience, as opposed to the tiny display banner ads that run on the mobile web. And especially in the case of rewarded in-app ads like what Tapjoy offers, which capitalize on the engagement and attention that consumers give to their favorite apps, we are seeing a major uptick in the budgets, coming to the space.

Why were brands initially reluctant to embrace value exchange advertising and what makes them so eager to embrace it now? What change do you see in the market now?

The bottom line is that value exchange ads work. If they weren’t so effective, advertisers wouldn’t embrace them like they are, but because they’ve been proven to drive both branding and performance metrics, advertisers have taken notice. And now many advertisers are beginning to embrace the model in an intelligent way, by tapping into the gaming mindset that their audiences are in. For instance, some of the most successful value exchange campaign we have seen recently are those that use rich media and interactivity to gamify their ads, which ties in perfectly to the gaming environment. The model flips traditional advertising on its head by involving consumers in the exchange of value, and brands are now realizing that it’s a better way to engage their audiences.

What advice do you give brands that are looking to advertise in a mobile gaming environment?

Pick a credible partner like Tapjoy and experience what a difference it will make for your mobile strategy! Clearly, mobile games offer the ideal environment for brands. Consumers are highly engaged and attentive when they’re playing a mobile game, and we’ve run studies that show they are also happier, more relaxed, and in a better mood when playing mobile games than when using social media apps or any other type of apps. If you’re an advertiser, that’s exactly the right time to reach consumers and engage them with your brand.

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Thank you, Erwin! That was fun and hope to see you back on MarTech Series soon.

Erwin Bos is the Sales Director, Europe, Tapjoy. He has over 17 years of International Sales and Marketing experience for medium and large companies in both traditional and digital environments. Erwin specializes in delivering rapid results by building strong teams, displaying a penchant for innovation, and optimizing work methods.

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Tapjoy’s Maximum Impact Platform™ provides mobile engagement and monetization services for leading advertisers and app developers. Advertisers rely on Tapjoy’s diverse suite of rewarded Interplay™ ads including video and rich media to impact performance. Developers utilize our tech mobile expertise to acquire and monetize users. The Tapjoy SDK is currently embedded in over 25,000 mobile apps, reaching 780 million monthly active users. A 2016 comScore™ study confirmed Tapjoy Interplay ads deliver an unprecedented 3x lift across all brand metrics. The company works with Fortune 500 brands and the Top 200 grossing app developers. Founded in 2007, Tapjoy is a global organization with more than a dozen offices worldwide and is headquartered in San Francisco.

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