TechBytes with Georgie Charlish, Managing Director, AUNZ, Adstream

Tell us about your role at Adstream and the team/technology that you handle.

I have been working at Adstream for over 10 years, most recently leading the Australia and New Zealand business. Adstream is in the marketing and advertising business, helping brands and agencies manage and deliver content quickly and efficiently. We help them track, control, distribute, collaborate and report on their content, daily.

What is the overall state of AdTech in the advertising Industry?

AdTech is in a constant state of innovation and growth. Driven by rapidly changing consumer behaviors and the convergence of advertising mediums has created an entirely new media planning process. Speed and flexibility are critical to staying relevant. To survive you need to adapt and optimize every day. You need the right tools and partners to stay competitive.

Tell us more about Adstream’s technology and its relevance in AUNZ.

A marketing DAM (Digital Asset Management) tool is essential in today’s content-rich environment. We all need one but choosing the right DAM is critical. A DAM designed for the needs unique to marketing and advertising is a must. Data, analytics, visibility, and local support is imperative.

How well do Adstream’s products integrate with third-party products?

Systems integration is a key component in streamlining workflows. Adstream has an extensive set of integrations our API can plug into and a dedicated team to scope and implement third-party integrations. Our API integration capability enables our clients to utilize the core functionality of the Adstream DAM combined with other systems in the workflow to enhance our customer’s experience.

How important is the role of Artificial Intelligence in the advertising domain?

Extremely.  The use of AI technology can be a game changer — to have a ‘thinking machine’ that we can use in business that can be equally or more intelligent than humans can be your competitive edge. In the ad industry, using AI to report on talent and product usage at the touch of a button will help your decision making. We will see the use of AI technology being expanded on channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and other subscription-based TV channels where serving advertising content based on your own personal needs and desires will become the norm.

What Sales and Marketing technology tools does Adstream currently use?

Our own of course! Adstream’s DAM is used in both our Sales and Marketing teams to manage our content. It’s our DAM, project collaboration space, talent manager, reporting and analytics go-to!

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

Stocard — stores all my store and loyalty cards in one place.

Simple Habit – my daily meditation app.

What is the best piece of professional advice that you have received?

Do what you love, success will follow.

If not in sales, what would have been your alternate career choice?

A musician.

Thank you for answering all our questions!

Before leading the Adstream AU and NZ business, Georgie spent 18 years in advertising sales roles with publishing powerhouses, Bauer Media and Pacific Magazines. An industry veteran, she has judged some of the best advertising work in Australia for awards such as AdNews Agency of the Year and Val Morgan ACES Award, along with awards for Mumbrella and the Publish awards.

Georgie has spent the last ten years of her career with Adstream, most recently as the Commercial Director ANZ. She is excited about the marketing solutions the business now provides to brands and agencies including P&G, Microsoft, Publicis Group, Warner Brothers and Universal Music.

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