TechBytes with Tal Mor, CTO, Taptica

Tal Mor

Tal Mor
CTO, Tremor Video DSP

Most marketing teams are relying on Data Management Platforms that are capable of providing actionable insights on mobile-connected audiences at a real time. CTOs are playing a much larger role in ensuring the platforms deliver as promised to the global marketing teams. Tremor Video DSP just announced the appointment of Tal Mor as their Chief Technology Officer. Tal spoke about his role as the CTO of Taptica, which acquired Tremor Video DSP last year, and on Mobile Marketing and Mobile Advertising technologies.

Tell us about your role at Tremor Video DSP and the team and technology you handle.

I am the chief technology officer at Taptica and Tremor Video DSP, where I supervise a talented team of software and system engineers to build the next generation DSP engine, which enables advertisers to reach their targeted audience at high scale. I consider software to be craftsmanship, and strive for professionalism and high quality in our doing, thus ensuring a top-notch product is delivered to our advertisers.

What is the core technology tenet for Taptica driving mobile marketing automation?

Taptica’s technology allows advertisers to easily meet their marketing KPIs, whether it be audience matching for brands or mobile installations. At the heart of the system is a distribution and tracking engine powered by machine learning driven insights. The engine is designed to satisfy numerous mobile advertising KPIs such as CPI, CPA, CPC, etc. It generates real-time insights based on user actions, allowing automatic and manual calibrations of media buying and resulting in efficient and successful mobile campaigns.

How does your technology enable companies to analyze and manage mobile consumer experiences better?

We take pride in Taptica’s advanced ad tracking engine, which oversees the user’s interaction with the ad, at scale. By leveraging this, advertisers can “see” the user journey – from ad impression, through click, installation and in-app actions – allowing advertisers to quickly detect inefficiencies and pinpoint the root cause. Advertisers can then change campaign parameters such as targeted media, geography, velocity, etc. in order to create an effective, high-quality campaign.

How does Mobile Marketing and Mobile Advertising converge at Taptica?

One of the coolest parts of Taptica’s business offering is its ambition to truly understand the marketing needs of the customer and assist with translating those into an effective advertising campaign. While sales and account managers spend the time to understand the customer needs, Taptica’s technology enables them to input the needs (KPIs) into the system and build the most effective campaign with the most appropriate audience alongside good KPI matching. These real-time insights ensure that the campaign keeps delivering the required KPIs to match the marketing needs, as defined by the customer.

How do you provide data-focused marketing solutions on mobile connecting valuable audiences?

Taptica’s technology is all about matching the right ad with the right audience. As the engine observes user activities at scale, it reveals which media (supply) sources yield better KPIs than others. This is done in real-time and at scale, and provides different insights per campaign. Those insights are then turned into actions as different media is being bought to satisfy the campaign KPIs. This activity is performed on an hourly basis and is proven to heavily contribute to customer satisfaction. To ensure high-value insights, the Taptica engine collects data at scale from every ad it runs, builds anonymized user profiles, integrates them into existing profiles and derives its decisions based on that data and first-party data given by the advertiser.

How do you organize your stack for Audience data, Customer Data and Intent Data? How are these streams for mobile advertising different from each other?

Gathering precise and pinpointed audiences for a campaign is the art Taptica strives to ace. The Taptica profiling engine gathers its data from various sources – first-party data such as intent/retargeting or even general customer data, second-party data from the advertiser attribution partners and third-party data sets purchased by Taptica or the advertiser to ensure matching at scale. Intent audience is considered very valuable, as long as it’s fresh and heavily utilized once provided by the advertiser. At a lower level, general customer data has proven to provide decent results when combined with a powerful ad messaging. Lastly, Taptica utilizes generic audience segments to match audiences at scale.

How do these data streams impact customer journeys for Taptica customers?

Taptica creates special campaigns for different audience types. A retargeted (intent-based) user will experience a different ad and will probably be taken faster to the App Store compared to a general audience user that is presented with an ad. The ads are dynamically chosen to reflect the likelihood of a user to download and install the app. The more likely the user is, the shorter the path to the App Store.

How do you see trends in Data Management influencing the adoption of Mobile Customer Experience platforms further?

Data gathering and analysis have come a long way in recent years. It is now possible to reliably and cost-effectively collect data on a large scale and provide real-time analysis based on that data. This ensures a bright future for customer experience platforms, as these are now able to personalize ads per user in real-time, driving higher KPIs and ensuring high-end user satisfaction of the ad presented.

Tell us more about Intent data and how these could improve customer-brand interactions at an omnichannel level.

Customer intent data can be leveraged across multiple channels and devices, thus ensuring a potential customer can be targeted on their mobile phone and then see the same message on their connected television or Facebook page. Creatives play a big role here, as the ad message and format need to change across different devices and channels to ensure a high-quality experience. When it comes to mobile app advertisements, Taptica utilizes all the available channels to deliver ads – in-app, mobile web, social or video.

Thanks for chatting with us, Tal.

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