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Should B2B marketers focus on stronger organic marketing plans during a downturn? Or should they revisit better ways to boost their email marketing? Find out more on what the marketing and martech experts are doing in this weekly highlight:


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Instead of looking at a downturn as another obstacle to overcome, view it as an opportunity to double down on what makes your business unique. During times of economic uncertainty, customers tend to favor brands they already trust, so marketers must work to strengthen their relationships with those customers now. Work to understand how they find you and why they buy, then use that information to deliver relevant and engaging content to them consistently. Eliminate as much friction as you can and make it impossible for them not to buy.
Laura Goldberg, CMO at Constant Contact

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Creativity with digital engagement is extremely important. Have some sort of scoring model but remain flexible on it. This is where the marketing intangibles come into play. In my industry, for instance, companies may only replace some solutions like a modern intranet every 7-9 years. It can take a lot of upfront time to build relationships with prospects. Nurturing will happen over the course of several events, webinars, and year-long campaigns with eBooks, infographics, and even things like business case-building templates…

 Mike Hicks, Chief Marketing Officer at Appspace

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