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Brand communications today have to be so much more effective and quick-to-change to meet evolving customer trends and changing economic and business conditions. How are marketing leaders using their marketing plans and martech to make a difference to their customer journey?

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CRM trends are a response to ever-changing consumer behavior. Businesses today need to understand their customers’ needs and preferences at a granular level to provide personalized interactions. They also need to move fast—customers want great products, customized service, and they want it all now. –Anthony Smith, CEO at Insightly

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MarTech Interview With Jason Wulfsohn, Co-Founder and COO of AUDIENCEXWe’ve seen more media budgets (from an inventory POV) and performance (driving lower CPAs)  across programmatic campaigns skew towards mobile web over desktop web. This presents a great opportunity as more users are browsing online via their mobile devices. For more mid-market clients, we are waiting to see creative catch up and take a mobile first approach. Most ad copy and imagery isn’t mobile optimized, nor are clients’ sites – so the user might be driven to a mobile web experience vs. desktop. –Jason Wulfsohn, Co-Founder and COO of AUDIENCEX

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