Outlines Roadmap for Harnessing the Power of Conversational AI in Latest Webinar Series

Leading CX Providers Collaborate to Provide Brands with the Blueprint for a Robust Digital Experience

On January hosted a webinar together with Zendesk, Inc., a customer service software company with support and sales products designed to improve customer relationships, to showcase how’s next generation AI has helped Zendesk customers develop and deploy artificially intelligent virtual agents through the availability of integrations with multiple Zendesk solutions. Zendesk’s Sunshine Conversations tool has been interateged with’s conversational chatbot since 2020 and enables easy facilitation and tracking of customer interactions across any channel including Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and more, while streamlines that communication with powerful Natural Language Understanding. The two interlocking solutions both offer intuitive platforms for painless onboarding and scaling.

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“As the world continues to change rapidly in reaction to the ongoing pandemic, the need for a conversational AI that can be integrated into communication channels and provide support across every external facing platform increases daily,” says Tim Sheard, Senior Manager, Messaging Tech Alliance Partnerships, Zendesk. “We’re seeing that customers are reaching out for support across a wider array of mediums than ever before. The ability to have all of their prior interactions centralized and supported by a virtual agent like’s has made a significant difference in creating a simple and uniquely seamless experience for customers.”

As consumers continue to lean on mobile phones as the go-to medium for interacting with brands, it’s critical that support services create a dynamic experience that keeps a customer’s experience on track and straightforward. Sunshine Conversations allows users to message an organization through convenient channels without losing the context that may have been generated from a prior conversation on a different channel. One example of this is with key card QR codes in hotels. Scanning this code allows guests to interact with a hotel service member or’s virtual agent for things such as room service or informing the staff of a problem that the agent can respond to. With’s virtual agent integrated into the backend of this, the customer is able to seamlessly transfer between the chatbot and a live service agent if the chatbot determines the question is better suited to be handled by a staff member at the hotel.

“Our goal when first working together with Zendesk was to provide help to as many customers as possible through the integration of our low-code virtual agent with Zendesk’s intuitive support tools,” says Clay Cardozo, Head of Technology Partnerships for “Now, with the sophisticated asynchronous messaging that Sunshine Conversations enables, our solution can work alongside human agents without the choice of channel or time of day getting in the way of a consistent customer experience.”

Zendesk suggests that organizations looking to improve their capabilities should have a game plan for how to add new channels to their service repertoire. Support agents like are able to handle more of the menial questions around operating hours or store locations, allowing customer support staff to focus on the requests that require some more specific investigation and attention. These gradual changes will help to build out a well run omnichannel communication system for any support team that can make a dramatic difference in how service support from any brand is executed.

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