Daily MarTech Roundup: Latest Marketing and Sales Technology News, Product Announcements and Insights

Today’s Daily MarTech Round-up covers the latest in Cloud, Marketing Analytics, Automation, Customer experience, AI and ML announcements from Adobe (Customer Experience), VoiceBase (Sales Intelligence), LiveChat (Customer Service), Sendoso (ABM), and UiPath (Automation).

Adobe, IBM And Red Hat Announce Strategic Partnership To Advance CX Transformation

Adobe and Red Hat announced a strategic partnership to help accelerate digital transformation and strengthen real-time data security for enterprises, with a focus on regulated industries. The intent of the partnership is to enable companies to deliver more personalized experiences across the customer journey, driving improved engagement, profitability and loyalty.

Turning Voice Data into Sales Insights: Everything you Want to Know about the VoiceBase and ThoughtSpot Partnership

VoiceBase, the leading AI-Powered Voice Analytics company, announced a strategic partnership with ThoughtSpot, the leading Search & AI-Driven Analytics platform, to revolutionize how enterprises gain faster insights from their voice data through innovative search capabilities.

Livechat Adds Text Messages Integration to Its Customer Service Platform

LiveChat Software, a provider of a SaaS-based suite of products for managing business communication, now allows brands to send and receive text messages while contacting their customers through its chat software. The new solution combines LiveChat’s technology with the features of Twilio. Although people have different preferences when it comes to communication with businesses, the trend for using messaging platforms within customer service has increased over recent years.

Sendoso Launches New Features on the Sending Platform to Support the Era of ABX

Sendoso, the leading Sending Platform and leader in Account-Based Execution, announced the availability of several new features to help B2B businesses flourish in a world where ABX is the answer to successfully engaging with prospects and customers along the buyer’s journey.

UiPath Announces Integrations with AWS to Allow Organizations to Modernize CX

UiPath, a leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, announced it has integrated its end-to-end platform for hyperautomation with enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure, cloud applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS). By integrating with Amazon Textract, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon Connect, the UiPath Platform can boost employee productivity, enhance customer experience, and accelerate digital transformation through dynamically-scaled AI-powered RPA solutions.

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