A/B Testing For B2B Marketers

A/B testing is a method used by marketers to increase conversion rates, decrease ad spending, and make better design decisions for the website or overall digital experience.

A/B Testing for B2B marketers

A/B testing means creating two versions of the same piece of graphic or content and delivering it proportionately to an audience. Once both the versions of the content are circulated to a huge audience, the analytics gives results of which one worked the best.

Harvard Business Review in its review of “The surprising power of online experiments,” explained everything about how giants like Microsoft and others have achieved better success through A/B testing. B2B marketers need to run such experiments in a controlled environment, which will further transform the decision-making process into scientific-based models rather than intuitive-based.

A/B testing is used primarily for landing page design and ads. Everything is testable, B2B marketers can test big and small design changes along with the content. If any B2B website is not able to attract new customers, it is time to avail of A/B testing tools. The following points showcase the importance of A/B testing in the B2B industry:

  1. A/B testing offers a smooth way to implement changes
  2. It helps in optimizing website usability
  3. It helps to remove all the bottlenecks to improve user experience.

A few more helpful tips:

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1. HubSpot’s & Kissmetrics A/B Testing Kit

Wondering where to start your A/B testing from? This tool can come handy.

Featuring a precise A/B test tracking template, a how-to guide, along with a statistically significant calculator, HubSpot’s A/B testing kit is all you need to start your B2B testing now.

The tool is simple and ideal for those businesses that have just started with A/B testing.

2. Freshmarketer

Freshmarketer is the marketing arm of Freshworks, a popular business platform. Freshmarketer is a conversion optimization platform offering A/B testing and split URL testing.

The A/B testing tool helps marketers to test, target, and validate their experiments. Marketers can integrate the results Google Analytics to track the amount of revenue the experiment has generated.

3. Google Optimize

Next on our list is Google Optimize, which offers tools guided by the Google Marketing Platform in order to help businesses improve their website performance.

Google Optimize’s A/B testing tool offers beyond the capabilities of an average A/B testing tool. Along with running more than two versions of content or graphics, users can also run:

  • Multivariate testing.
  • Split URL testing.
  • Serve-side experiments.

What’s more, it is free to use for all your testing and personalization needs.

4. Optimizely

Proudly serving more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, Optimizely is a great experimentation platform for business marketing, product, and engineering teams.

With the help of its powerful A/B testing and multi-page experimentation tool, you can run multiple experiments on a single page and at the same time, test the other variables on your website. Furthermore, the platform offers testing capabilities on dynamic websites, and different experimentation dimensions such as geography, ad campaign, and cookies.

5. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is one of the preferred website optimization software offering A/B testing, usability testing tools, and heat mapping.

The A/B testing tool of the platform helps users to test variations of every single page on the website by adding one snippet of code to the pages where the experiment is being done.

A minor test on your content and website design can take you a long way – improving traffic, leads, and even sales if it is done right. Without wasting much time, we would like to give you some great dos to start your A/B testing again.

  1. Test as many variables as you can: Of course, we have many variables to run the test like color, subject line, content offer, and more. Marketers must test as much as variables as possible.
  2. Start Simple: If you are plan to start with A/B testing for the first time, try small. For example, start the testing with something as simple as a CTA button size or color.
  3. Keep testing always: Whenever it is about adding something new to the website, keep testing. There is no reason you should not be testing anything.
  4. Analyze where the results are statistically significant: Do not assume, practically analyze whether your results are statistically significant.
  5. Make changes based on results: Once the results are analyzed, you must make changes based on the results only.

Final Word  

In the end, you want a tool or a process to help you get to the bottom of this. It should be clear that A/B testing services are beyond the direct or indirect interaction of the customers. The impact can be effective for every B2B marketer.

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