AI in MarTech and Marketing – Considerations for 2023

By Paroma Sen, Director-iTechSeries/MarTech Series

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been more than just a buzzword for years now, but to truly understand how modern day marketers and salespeople can capitalize on it, it is important to dive into the evolving role of AI. Here we present some thoughts and guidelines to keep in mind for 2023:

AI has been transforming how businesses, industries and teams function. Given the rapid evolution of AI, it is easy to see how medical diagnosis, product listing/recommendations and even navigation is being heavily impacted by the use of AI.

But this is where business leaders have to accept a key difference; AI can enable how businesses and for that matter, even the medical fraternity undertakes certain decisions or tasks, but it will still need human intervention to work better.

With the recent hype around ChatGPT, there has been a lot of chatter about the increasing dependence or benefits of AI in marketing and sales. While platforms such as this can be structured to respond to users in a more human-like manner, the fact still remains: AI cannot (yet) do what your team of people can.

Understanding Where AI Can Benefit Marketing and Salespeople

  • Cleaning your data: Marketing and salespeople, to this day, still heavily rely on tools like Google sheets to manage their data. Most CRMs and CDPs will also boast of ‘’dirty data’’ if one were to look carefully. AI can help marketing and sales people clean up their many excel sheets, remove duplicate data, reduce the incidents of dirty data.
  • Improving Transcriptions: Moving on, with the growing use of audio and video content across the typical B2B marketing and B2B sales realm, marketers and salespeople should also look at transcribing media assets of this format to cater more effectively to a diverse audience. Using AI to transcribe media assets can enable marketers to spend less time on building their assets while also improving the over broadcast and customer experience. Transcribing models have improved drastically over the years with most tools now becoming more accurate, thereby reducing the need for human intervention when it comes to captions alongside videos and audio content.
  • Using AI to build images and content assets: Your team may have a dedicated designer that helps design your ebooks/whitepapers and other gated content assets. But for those that don’t, using AI generated images can help enable marketing and content goals.
  • Enabling Business Insights: Marketing and salespeople will have tons of data and campaigns within their CRMs and CDPs, knowing how to extract the right reports and insights can be a challenge, but powering this process with AI and enhancing how insights are uncovered can quicken the pace at which marketers and salespeople dovetail next-steps in their processes.

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Knowing where to Limit the Use of AI

With all the talk about AI replacing humans and their jobs, one thing remains: there is still a lot of time for this to actively happen, if it happens at all. The fact is – AI and humans need to work together to enhance outcomes and goals. They are meant to complement each other.

For instance,

When it comes to adding that creative angle or value to a campaign or outreach, AI can be tasked with stating or sharing facts but it’s the human behind the tool that will need to add another touch or layer to the process.

To add that element of uniqueness to every campaign, humans are still required so that AI based algorithms don’t start making all the content out there look and sound robotic.

While AI can be heavily used to suggest what campaigns can run when or at what stage of an outreach certain types of prompts should be sent, humans are still need to strategize and make a decision.

End Note: The Future Will be AI-Driven

AI can be used to impact and enable marketing and sales goals. The onus still lies on business leaders to identify how to increase the benefit of AI in their processes. AI is here to stay and will become a more strategic choice when it comes to implementing martech and salestech across the typical B2B hierarchy.

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