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The ability to operationalize data insights remains a gap in marketing. How do some of the top marketing leaders ensure adequate training while putting in place better data practices to drive marketing goals?

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AI is going to be a critical element of any tech stack – the ability to analyze data and understand where individual customers are at in their journeys is extremely important in successful empathetic marketing. Moreover, teams will want to look for technology that is collaborative and can offer holistic views of customers and prospects by drawing data from different areas of the business as needed; helping ensure you’re surfacing the right offer to your customer and maintaining a healthy relationship, and not turning them off with messages that don’t mean anything to them, or worse – annoy them.

Tara DeZao, Product Marketing Director at Pegasystems

Top MarTech News of The Week: 09th August to 13th August 2021

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MarTech Interview with Alexander Knudsen, VP, Solutions Engineering at Amobee
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All brands should think like publishers now. That means creating value exchange for consent through content and services so that they can build up their opt-in first-party data strategies. To do this, you need martech such as a Customer Data Platform to capture, anonymize and synchronize personally identifiable information (PII) that can be transferred to planning, activation and measurement systems. –Alexander Knudsen, VP, Solutions Engineering at Amobee

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