Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring Salesloft, Quantcast, Rollworks, Folloze and More!

Do QR codes play a key role in enhancing the end to end customer experience? And can marketers drive more impact with features such as this? Find out more from this weekly martech highlight:


MarTech Quote-of-the-Week!

The job of a CMO is ultimately to drive growth. I think that means different things for different companies at different stages. But no matter what growth stage your company is at, it boils down to understanding your market and the market opportunity, and evaluating which marketing levers you should pull to enable short-term success while building toward the company’s long-term vision and goals.

Lauren Vaccarello, CMO at Salesloft

Top MarTech News of The Week: 05th Sept to 09th Sept

MarTech QnA with the Expert

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With AI and machine learning, marketers can gain insights in real time and at scale, providing them with the ability to better understand their audience, what they need and where they’re looking for it. If a marketer or advertiser is not using AI-driven solutions to enhance their campaigns, they are missing out on insights, new audiences, and productivity gains. Marketers that embrace AI and machine learning now will gain a long-term competitive advantage. –Konrad Feldman, CEO at Quantcast

MarTech Articles on Text Marketing, Maximizing Engagement, Driving Personalized Outreach

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