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Should you prioritize your marketing efforts with more email campaigns? Or should social media overtake other channels and priorities? Find out what the experts think in this weekly martech highlight:


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It’s common knowledge that writing code for emails is uniquely challenging. It’s not the same HTML and CSS you use for websites, and every single email client has its own unique rendering quirks. Yet, writing code is the only way to send messages that perfectly match your brand, are efficient in every email client, and build compelling designs that emphasize the content.

Brian Thomas, VP of Product and Design at

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First and foremost, it’s always to maintain sight of what is important because it is very easy to miss the forest for the trees in this environment. Everything we do as marketers should be deeply rooted in understanding who our audience is and their preferences regarding topics, channels, and media types. This is a 2-in-1 tip.

Bogdan Carlescu, VP of Marketing at Creatopy

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