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To help ensure a consistent customer experience, marketers should prioritize connecting all of their business applications – from front-office applications, like advertising, marketing, sales and service – to back-office applications, like supply chain, finance and HR. Connecting the front-office and back-office applications and data enables marketers to create a single view of the customer so that they can deliver a truly personalized, differentiated, and consistent customer experience across the board – no matter how, when, or where customers engage with you.

Steve Earl, Vice President for Oracle CX 

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MarTech Interview with Jessica Box, Head of Growth at Linktree
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Marketing today should focus on building better communities – I know it may sound obvious, but for too long, marketing has been about “winning” and manipulating. As we’re all growing more aware and engaged, I believe our only option is to market our products and services hand-in-hand with our users. It’s a two-way street, and by allowing our community of users to take an active part in how products are designed, and how offerings look, we have a far greater chance at ensuring customer loyalty and most importantly, trust.


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