Daily MarTech Roundup: Latest Marketing and Sales Technology News, Product Announcements and Insights

Today’s Daily MarTech Roundup covers the latest in Cloud, Marketing Analytics, Automation, Customer experience, AI, and ML announcements from Patter89, Colling Media, Flipkart, SERP (Native & Programmatic Advertising), to Really Simple (CRM).

Pattern89 Delivers Immediate Insights to Improve Marketing Performance and Visibility Through New AI-Driven Capabilities

Pattern89, a platform that specializes in creative artificial intelligence (AI) to predict digital marketing performance, announced today new features to enhance brands’ visibility into ad performance. These end-to-end upgrades will streamline and improve its user experience, while allowing marketers to access real-time predictive performance insights and assemble and launch top-performing ad combinations in platform. These new features will launch throughout Q1, growing Pattern89’s position as the leading AI solution for marketers and agencies who want to maximize creative performance at scale. This announcement also follows Pattern89’s 2021 Creative Forecast, which predicts the digital marketing trends that will perform best this year.

Really Simple Systems Launches New Advanced Marketing Tool

Leading cloud software developer and vendor, Really Simple Systems, has announced the release of a new version of its Advanced Marketing tool for small and midsized businesses. Established in 2006, the popular cloud software developer and vendor has released a new version of its easy-to-use marketing tool that is fully integrated with its CRM software, creating an all-in-one solution. The new Advanced Marketing solution complements the company’s essentials tool, Simple Marketing, which was released in October 2020. The advanced product is aimed at experienced marketers sending high volumes of emails per month and looking for greater sophistication and functionality to manage their campaigns.

Flipkart Launches Commerce-Focused Self-Serve DSP in Partnership With Mediamath

Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, is strengthening its advertising and monetisation portfolio, and has announced the launch of a custom-built demand-side platform (DSP). This latest Ad Tech offering will help brands make data-driven decisions to purchase online ad inventory and design high-impact marketing campaigns. Built in partnership with MediaMath, an acclaimed independent advertising technology company for brands and agencies, Flipkart’s demand-side platform (DSP) is a custom-built version of the reputed MediaMath platform itself and will provide brands of all scales to engage with a growing consumer base. It will also enable them to plan data-driven campaigns with complete control. This launch is a part of the larger growth strategy for Flipkart’s Ad Tech business, as it continues to innovate and unlock goodness in the ecosystem.

Colling Media Helps Solve the Advertising Attribution Riddle with Google’s New Attribution Beta Program

Phoenix-based advertising and marketing firm Colling Media uses Google’s recently released Attribution Beta program to help clients assign credit for digital advertising conversions when consumers interact with multiple marketing tactics and channels. Attribution is an attempt to assign credit for various advertising and marketing tactics. Solving this problem can be challenging. For example, a consumer sees an ad on a website, fills out a form on Facebook, hears a radio commercial, views a digital billboard, and then purchases a product or service. Which ad should receive the most credit for driving the consumer to action? There are several ways to assign and determine attribution, and Google’s new Attribution Beta is another attempt to help decide which tactic or tactics are most responsible for consumer conversion.

SERP Features That Marketers Should Target

Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert Jon Zacharias recently authored a post describing several features of search engine results pages (SERP) that are often overlooked and underutilized as search engine optimization (SEO) tools. As a leader and co-founder of GR0, one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the country, Zacharias is well-versed in the methods that give brands an edge on the battlefield of organic search. In the November blog post entitled, Jump Ahead of the Competition with SERP Features, Zacharias outlines several tried-and-true SERP features marketers can utilize to enhance their efforts in SEO.

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