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Understanding what kind of content your prospects want more of and driving content marketing practices that can meet these needs can enable both, marketers and sales teams and enhance the overall buying journey and product experience.

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Another key dynamic in social media is an increase in fragmentation between communities and platforms online. Social media platforms are more and more associated with a specific age group or community, for instance with TikTok and Gen Z, or Pinterest and creatives.

It’s important for marketers to acknowledge this dynamic and adapt their content and distribution strategies accordingly. In some instances, it makes sense for them to work with existing digital companies that can access those established audiences and distribution channels, in order to amplify their messages, while maintaining a targeted approach. 

Victor Potrel, VP of Platform Partnerships at TheSoul Publishing

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MarTech Interview with Bernadette Butler, CEO and Co-Founder at StoryTap
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One of the main ways that we predict that video storytelling will shift is in the way that brands will amplify the voice of their customers. Stats show that 90% of people are much more likely to trust a recommended brand (even from strangers). It goes without saying that it’s much easier to trust someone who isn’t trying to sell you something. That means brands have a tremendous amount to be gained by enabling their own customers to promote their products and services. Bernadette Butler, CEO and Co-Founder at StoryTap

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