How to Raise Your Marketing Strategy to a Whole New Level in 2019?

We’re already way in 2019 but would you say your Marketing strategy is prepared for all these new trends that are completely revolutionizing the Marketing world? Nowadays, Marketing is becoming increasingly important for your business as it connects your brand with your audience on so many levels. And your customers need to feel that connection to make a purchase.

To achieve the business results you want, you will need to focus more on Marketing. However, following all these trends can be a bit confusing as you’re not sure whether or not they are the right choice for your business. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you four tactics that will help you raise your Marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Focus More on Video Marketing

If you thought video was big in 2018, wait until you see how crucial it’s becoming across various industries in 2019. Video Marketing needs to be a part of your overall Marketing strategy as it helps you interact and engage your audience on a much deeper, emotional level. More importantly, it allows you to convey your messages much better than any other type of content.

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With Video Marketing, your business will get 66% more qualified leads per year and also reach more than 50% increase in brand awareness. So, if Video Marketing is not a big part of your Marketing game, it should be. This type of content is highly engaging whether it’s used on your Website, Social Media or Email Marketing.

Start by updating your website with Video content and posting it on your social media platforms. As it’s very easy to track the success of your videos, you will notice how much better it performs than text or images. What’s great about video is that you can never go wrong if you choose it over another type of content. Turn your next idea into a video and see what happens.

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Build Your Strategies around Content

Just like video, content is becoming increasingly important as well. One of the biggest trends in 2019, and probably for the next few years, is definitely Content Marketing. Obviously, the content has always been a vital part of every Marketing strategy, but it was considered more of a tool that helps to achieve a certain goal. Now, content should be the core of your Marketing strategy. Every business that wants to see good Marketing and Sales result should have a Content Marketing plan.

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The content you want to create should align with your overall business goals. There are plenty of ways content can ease your Sales processes, simplify your customer service efforts or even enhance your customer relationships. After all, nothing converts better than quality content. That’s why it’s vital that you think of it from the moment you start crafting your Marketing strategy.

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Put Effort in Guest Posting

When we’re talking about your Sales results, keep in mind that today’s customers are not only researching online before making a purchase decision but they are also purchasing online. That means your online reputation needs to be very strong. Your business name should be mentioned on various platforms important to your target audience. Spreading your reach to other platforms will ensure you get more traffic to your website and, consequently, more conversions.

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To achieve that, you should start guest posting on these platforms. Determine which websites are relevant to your business and reach out to editors. Suggest writing an article about a certain topic that will be valuable to their audience. Keep in mind that guest posts are different from the articles you publish on your website and they should be informative for this particular audience. That’s why many businesses nowadays hire guest post agencies that will write such articles for them and follow the structure that will increase your traffic numbers and also your overall business results.

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Personalize Your Entire Marketing

In the Marketing world, Personalization has been around for a while now. Sending generic messages and emails is a complete waste of time and will not deliver the results you want. Your customers expect a personalized approach from you. As businesses have more data on their customers than before, it shouldn’t be a problem to personalize every piece of content you send to your customers. Not to mention that with all these technological solutions, you could communicate on a personal level without much effort.

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Think of Personalization as the key to the customer’s heart. They will not spend their money to buy a product or service from a company that doesn’t even bother to learn their name. Emotions have always played a vital part in Sales. If you want your customers to feel something, you will need to show them you care first. Research which tools would be useful to personalize your messaging as much as possible and start implementing it right away.


If you want to maintain your success or grow your business in 2019, you will need to revise your Marketing strategy and see what needs to be changed. Unfortunately, those businesses which are not following the Marketing trends will see many negative consequences. Don’t let it happen to you!

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