MarTech Interview with Ryan Grable, Vice President of Global Digital Demand Generation, Genesys

Ryan Grable, Vice President of Global Digital Demand Generation, Genesys

“MarTech stacks need to work together and ensure alignment as accounts and contacts transition from one channel to the next.”

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What inspired you to join Genesys? 

Genesys is a global organization that leads in customer experience. I joined with the goal of transforming their global digital demand-generation team and footprint. I am excited to be a part of how Genesys is revolutionizing the Sales and Marketing space by extending its customer engagement portfolio to marketers. Genesys is an innovative and diverse company that provides a platform for all teams and departments to do what no other companies are doing with increased support, making customer service a competitive weapon.

Could you speak about the three trends in technology that will reshape the Sales and Marketing industries in 2019?

Three technology trends that will reshape the Sales and Marketing industry in 2019 and beyond will be focused around AI, automation, and customer experience.

  • AI – To scale and grow across the globe, companies need solutions that are blended between AI and human capabilities. Without AI, companies are limited in the speed and agility to grow across the world with language, needs, and experiences.
  • Automation/Integration – MarTech stacks need to work together and ensure alignment as accounts and contacts transition from one channel to the next. In today’s world, it is critical to be able to identify the next best action and journey map of a contact. Companies need to provide a solution that will solve and enhance the automation experience that guides a prospect through the buying journey.
  • Customer Experience – We live in a world where time is of most value. Every interaction needs to be delivered in a strategic way that gives value to the customer. Technology will be the most essential element in driving positive customer experiences and delivering the right journey, at the right time, through the right channel. Customers will expect interactions and engagement with a company on the channel of their choice, not the channel that the company wants the customer to use.

Tell us about how you have seen Genesys grow into the Marketing and Sales space.

Genesys is the leader in customer experience and call center software. Over the past couple of years, Genesys has leveraged their expertise in AI, Predictive Intelligence and Predictive Routing to build a solution that will reshape the Sales and Marketing landscape. Genesys prides themselves in focusing on the complete end-to-end journey of a customer, and for many organizations, customer experience starts before an account is a customer. Today, the website is their primary digital channel that contacts, engages, interacts, and converts with the highest intent.

While a contact is on a website, Genesys AI and Machine Learning technology provides insights for sales/lead development representatives to immediately take action on the user’s journey and provide them with a great customer experience — that also translates to better website conversations. Embodying the idea that customer experience starts before an account is a customer,  Genesys has expanded into the marketing and sales space keeping customer experience at the core of their solutions and as an organization overall.

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Could you explain how Genesys fits into a company’s MarTech and SalesTech stacks?

Prospect Conversion, Genesys’ exclusive new offer, maps how a prospect moves through the funnel. From top of the funnel to bottom, Prospect Conversion improves the prospect experience through AI and journey engagement to deliver the right message through the right channel at the right time. Prospect Conversion integrates with CRMs and Marketing Automation platforms and is secure with the most recent launch of GDPR.

Which industries are benefiting from using Genesys for their Marketing and Sales initiatives?

Both B2B and B2C organizations that manage customer journeys through multiple digital channels are benefiting from using Genesys for their Marketing and Sales initiatives. Retail, insurance, e-commerce, B2B businesses — there is an opportunity for everyone to leverage our solution to increase website conversions and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Which titles in the business are currently adopting and using Genesys’ platforms?

We interact with a variety of business leaders across C-Level, VP, Director, and Managers with titles including Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Sales Officer, Digital Demand Generation, Online Revenue/E- Commerce, Digital Sales Officer, Marketing Operations, and others. It is a cross-functional buying unit that evaluates and receives value from our Marketing and Sales solution.

Could you walk us through the lifecycle of a lead and how Genesys solutions benefit Sales, Marketing, and CX?

Absolutely. In 2018, Genesys aligned across Marketing and Sales to identify the Total Addressable Market (TAM) that fits within the specific criteria of our customer base. By understanding the TAM, Genesys is targeted in reaching the right audience and buyer personas. We also moved from contact marketing to an account-based approach. Once an account engages with Genesys through one of our digital channels and converts over to the website; then our own software solution, Genesys prospect conversion is deployed.

Genesys Prospect Conversion understands where the account has been and analyzes the problem that is being solved. Based off of their interactions on the website,  Genesys Prospect Conversion will allow the account to continue through their journey or will proactively engage to help guide their journey. Being able to engage with an account at the right time with the right offer is critical in the conversion of the contact.

Tell us about the results of deploying Genesys’ Prospect Conversion solution.

When companies deploy Prospect Conversion, they see an uplift of 20% to 40% increase in conversions from their website. These results are driven from the engagement that contacts experience by having chat, phone, content offers appear at the right time during their website experience.

Could you provide us a sneak peek into the MarTech, SalesTech and CX solutions you leverage at Genesys? Which platforms do you currently leverage for your own Marketing and Sales campaigns?

Here is an example of our Marketing Technology stack and how it integrates across the Sirius Decisions’ demand unit waterfall. It is extremely important for all MarTech to work together so it improves accounts conversion and doesn’t hinder success. Below is an image that outlines our MarTech stack and how we leverage each technology throughout the entire cycle:


How do you prepare for an AI-centric world as a demand gen leader?

Many marketers are learning how to leverage AI to deliver better customer experience. As a demand generation leader, I am focused on developing a customer journeys using technology that simplifies their processes and solves the problem they are seeking to solve. In addition, I am educating myself on what is AI and what is not. Many technologies today are rules-based, even though they are identified as AI, they will be time-consuming to marketers to scale and grow globally. Identifying the right technology solutions will improve customer experience and provide visibility into the customer journey.

How do you leverage AI and Machine Learning to increase website conversions?

Genesys Prospect Conversion is a solution that analyzes the journey and understands the behaviors that the contact is displaying. To provide the right support at the right time, Genesys launches our interactive chat or content offer at the stage that is right for the contact — supporting and guiding the journey versus being a distraction.

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Tell us about your upcoming events. How can attendees benefit from these events?

Genesys hosts a variety of events that I would like to invite you to. The following events are available to learn more about Genesys and how we are transforming sales and marketing processes and customer experience through a digital world.

Thank you, Ryan! That was fun and hope to see you back on MarTech Series soon.

Ryan Grable is the Vice President of Global Digital Demand Generation for Genesys. In this role, Ryan is key in shaping the company’s path of digital transformation, and leveraging the digital world ecosystem to enhance today’s customer experience. With more than 15 years of marketing leadership across various industries of technology, software, and private equity, Ryan brings a solid background in revenue marketing, digital, and demand generation.

Prior to joining Genesys, Ryan served in various marketing leadership and consulting roles for B2B and B2B2C companies; most recently engaging with TeamViewer and a variety of Permira and Vista Equity Partner portfolio investments. Throughout his tenure, Ryan has developed marketing processes and best practices to revamp companies’ marketing ecosystems to drive increased revenue, digital engagement, and alignment across marketing and sales.

Ryan holds an executive MBA and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from DePauw University.

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