Keys for a Successful Online Business

fonvirtual logoNowadays, Digital Marketing is vital for business, as consumers usually search the Internet for information about companies before acquiring the desired product or service. It is necessary to be constantly updated on the keys and tools of Digital Marketing so that the company looks attractive and has a good presence on the web.

The way and means by which the company and the audience communicate have changed, so you have to adapt to the environment quickly. New technologies make this process easier for us, adding value to the service offered.

Keys for a Successful Online BusinessWe are going to see a list of keys and tools that help to keep up to date:

1. Plan a Digital Marketing strategy

Defining and developing a marketing strategy should be paramount at the outset. It helps set budget limits and makes the campaign’s target audience more precisely defined. To set the profile of the potential customer is very important to get all possible data on the target audience, studying the behavior, the form of communication and their habits and customs. This process will give us clues on how to present the product or service, what language should be used and what details can make us get closer to the taste and habits of the audience we want to reach.

2. SEO or Web Positioning

The first impression our customers will get of us will depend on the corporate website. When they enter it, users should feel comfortable to continue browsing it so that they end up hiring or buying. This will be the pillar of the digital campaign, so you have to take care of even the smallest detail:

Design: Colors, text, images, menus, accessibility – there are several factors that will make the site have a more attractive and intuitive design.

Content: The information displayed must be clear and concise, and must also provide value to the user. When the user enters, he or she is looking for solutions to their problems and answers to their questions.

Loading: Another very important factor is the speed of loading. The website must be loaded at a fast speed so that users do not abandon it. For example, images must be optimized.

Security: It is very important for the positioning of the website and for users to be confident that the page is secure (https).

Responsive: The website must be completely adapted to a format for cell phones or tablets since nowadays you browse on any device, not just a computer.

Contact: It is crucial to provide users and target customers facilities to contact the company (phone number, email, contact form, etc.)

All these factors, among many more, are key to the SEO positioning of the website. It is also very valuable to get written about the company and link content from other websites or blogs.

3. Improve the Shopping Experience

Consumers are looking for more than just a product purchase, they want a satisfying Shopping Experience. You don’t get a good link if you serve customers with a chatbot or an answering machine. The company must be humanized in order to offer a closer and more committed image. The company must have a brand personality, which is crucial to connect emotionally with the public, focusing on their tastes and needs.

In addition, it will be vital to offer quality customer service. Consumers want to feel that their problems will be heard and not ignored. If we have the trained staff and the necessary tools to serve them properly, we will create a bond with them that will be very difficult for our competitors to break.

Having the best tools will cause the company to make a difference and satisfactorily meet the expectations of consumers. For example, to have a call center software that, thanks to the new WebRTC technology, allows us to manage the calls in a more effective way, saving time to the workers and improving the experience of the purchase of the clients.

4. Social Networks

The great advantage of social networks is that it is a very cheap means of communication and also allows us to reach a very large audience. The problem is that you have to know which social network you should be present in, it is not always good to have accounts in all of them because, in the end, it can be a waste of time and money. If we talk about a B2B company (business to business), it will be crucial to be on LinkedIn as it is the social network specialized in the work and academic world.

On the other hand, if the company offers products or services to the final consumer, Instagram is very useful and dynamic when showing the best image of the business. Twitter can be of great help to have two-way contact with customers, answering their questions or problems. It is very fashionable to use influencers for communication. This new movement is very beneficial because the followers of these public characters feel very identified with them.  So, if the influencers recommend our brand, their followers will consume it.

There are many more tools and methods for a business to stand out on the Internet, but it must be clear that positioning on the web is a marathon, not a sprint. So you must have patience and perseverance to get a successful company.

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