Glimpses Into Some Interesting Innovations Surrounding Metaverse

Seems like, everyone in the universe is talking about the Metaverse…

Metaverse is a next-level virtual reality delivering embodied internet and digital experiences to businesses and consumers worldwide. For Metaverse it is said,

“Believe in the Metaverse, and it could change the way we live forever.”

Explaining it further, Metaverse is an extensive virtual world so that people can simulate their real-life experiences like selling or buying products, attending events, and more. It is a concept to bring the virtual world through blockchain, web 3.0, VR/AR, and cryptocurrency to change the way people interact with each other.

Metaverse is the future everyone is now looking forward to. No one can stay away from it and we all will soon be a part of the Metaverse. Several tech giants are in the rat race to create something that seemed impossible a few years earlier. Metaverse is here to take the revolution of Augmented reality and Virtual reality to the next level.

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Top companies chasing the metaverse dream…

1. Meta

Meta has been developing Metaverse concepts since the start. Meta is and will be developing 3D virtual worlds for players and users in real-time while maintaining their identity and payment history. It has also been announced that the company will soon launch a record-breaking supercomputer to power Metaverse – reaching quintillions of operations per second.

The European Union has joined hands with Metaverse Technology to create more employment in Europe.

2. Roblox

The name of Roblox is taken with pride in the gaming industry. It is indeed one of the most innovative gaming companies out there and it has yet again proved its mettle by adopting to the Metaverse concept. Very soon, the company is planning to take its video games to the next level.

The company is shifting its focus in creating an economy within the Metaverse along with an open gaming platform for players to create their personalized and a more interactive gaming world. The company has gathered fame for building a unique business model for Metaverse.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft has started to put its efforts into developing a series of Metaverse applications on its Mesh Platform. It is further going to build an augmented reality chipset for Metaverse tagging Qualcomm to bring in new features.

Microsoft is one of the first companies to adapt to Metaverse by updating Altspace VR to make Metaverse technology safer for users.

4. Nvidia

Next on the list is Nvidia, which is one of the top companies to strike the deal for developing Metaverse in the coming years. The company took an initiative to distribute free copies of a program called Omniverse – Metaverse ready assets.

Nvidia is gaining popularity for developing Metaverse to support content creators and supporting artists by building virtual worlds and products. The company has a series of partnerships with Adobe and Blender to share Metaverse-related content and expand Omniverse.

5. Unity

Unity Software INC is an American Video Game company, and it is quite popular for real-time 3D projects. The projects are powered by 2D, 3D, AR, and VR. The company is focused on supplying advanced tools and technologies to develop Metaverse technologies.

6. Snap INC

Although a newbie here, it is one of the upcoming companies to build its Metaverse empire. It is soon going to launch a new avatar lens showing how a player or user will look in Metaverse. The advanced Avatar filter can change the clothes and faces of the users as per their mood. The company is developing Metaverse by launching Bimojis, which is a virtual human technology.

7. Zippy

Zippy, an Indian Start-up, is a Metaverse platform for runners. The technology helps connect runners with their fellow runners from across the world. With this platform, it is easy to run major Marathons in different cities of the world like London, Boston, Tokyo, beach runs, and so on with the help of their Avatars. This can be further linked to the fitness wearables in the real world.

8. Snap Inc.

Snap Inc., the owner of Snapchat has always been known for creating custom Avatars based on the Augmented reality filters to smear digital features in the real world. The company took a bigger leap in 2021 with the launch of its augmented reality glasses available for developers to create virtual experiences with spectacles.

Undoubtedly, Metaverse comes with numerous opportunities for innovators, investors, developers, and entrepreneurs. Metaverse is the next big thing and can lead to a global revolution, not only in the tech sector but across every industry.

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