A Few Martech Funding Highlights from APAC!

Marketers have been investing relentlessly new Martech trends, and rightly so – A well-planned martech stack helps to holistically understand customer data with the help of integrated platforms and systems. A wholesome customer experience is a key benefit of investing in Martech. 

A Few Martech Funding Highlights from APAC!

There has been a splash of funding for APAC-based Martech Companies. With virtual reality becoming the new normal, companies have started investing in new digitized business models, and Martech Funding has been the game-changer in all of this.

  • Shorthand raised AUD 10 million from Fortitude Investment Partners in a private equity round on 10th April 2021.
  • Do Your Thing raised USD 150,000 from Mumbai Angels in seed funding on 4th April 2021. 
  • FLUX Japan raised JPY 1 billion from DNX Ventures and Archetype Ventures as Series A funding on 31st March 2021.
  • Lexer raised AUD 33.5 million from King River Capital, Blackbird Ventures, and January Capital as Series B funding on 25th February 2021.

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One of the key reasons for this increase in Martech Funding, especially from APAC, is the rapid demand for personalized customer service in the region. These technologies and strategies have become key to the idea of business intelligence. Some notable Martech trends that have changed the game in 2021 are as follows: – 

  1. The introduction of Loyalty Programs by Salesforce. This new Martech trend has been a real tilt point in the way customer experiences are customized. The introduction of Loyalty Management has been quite helpful in generating personalized loyalty offerings, friction detection, and the customers’ social journey integration. It is particularly helpful for the B2C and B2B Customers as companies have started integrating the social elements in their loyalty programs. It has allowed the companies to re-evaluate their business models and its performance of the loyalty programs. 
  2. Predictive Audiences! ComScore just launched its new cookie-free audience integrated targeting solution that has top-notched the use of Artificial Intelligence. The platform has allowed companies to add an extra edge to their advertisement campaigning by deeply engaging with consumer behavior, patterns, spending habits, and preferences, in real-time. It has immensely helped businesses slot their customers into targeted audiences to improve and speed up their business solutions. 
  3. Hootsuite launches curated by Upcontent. Content Curation has never been this easy. This recent launch has integrated Upcontent with Hootsuite to manage all your social media from one place. The Hootsuite integrated platforms will now allow content to be easily shared, accessed, and implemented across different platforms. Launching Upcontent will help the businesses to build trust amongst the audiences as they curate data with the help of this new content discovery technology. 
  4. Trustarch launches Privacy Central. Privacy returns to the game as companies figure out ways to navigate the new normal. We will probably see a new play between the first party and third-party data sources. This data intelligence center will offer platforms a single-entry space to manage the company’s privacy journey and provide the best customer privacy programs. The growing importance of data security and privacy will become an important aspect of data ethics and the digitalized customer experiences. 
  5. The release of Progress Sitefinity digital platform 13.3. It is the final release of the version 13 family.  This Content Management System (CMS) platform has developed a long-term support program extended to 4 or more years to help Progress. It is an advanced and intelligent solution for marketers and has some really exciting features and new additions. 
  6. SourcePoint announced the launch of Privacy Lens. A platform that allows the advertisers to personalize their private sources. It is a privacy measurement platform that will customize data ethics visibility for all its advertisers. Data privacy is the new emerging concern amongst marketers and companies. 

Valuation and Growth of the Martech Segment in APAC

  • The year 2021 has been a roller coaster ride for all Marketers, as Martech grows fast and soars to new rises, especially in APAC, here has been a surge of Martech Funding, investment, and acquisitions as Western companies look for an Asian Expansion venture. 
  • Increased Marketing Automation, as automating consumer experiences is the only way to gain control in the digital landscape and deter unwanted traffic. Targeted consumer communication due to automation has been the key point in attracting the growth of Martech trends. 
  • Digital market is skyrocketing in Asia because a large chunk of the population practically lives online. According to InterAD, consumers in the APAC region have spent more time online compared to Canada and the United States. India itself has seen a rise in digital and spending by 425%. 
  • APAC witnesses an increase in digital advertising and local SEO services. Marketers have started acquainting themselves with the regional knowledge of their customers to enhance their market and brand image across the APAC region. The struggle to reach the inroads in sales in Asia becomes easier with SEO, SEM, and online public relations. 
  • Localized products and diverse digital investment. One of the key reasons for the digital boom in Asia is the advent of these localized products. The Western companies have started diversifying their brand image and their ideas to have customers on board from the APAC region. The right digital advertising with DAM has led to immense growth in the Martech trends and investments. 

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