New Content Personalization, Segmentation Tools and Insights to Be Salient Features of Nosto’s New Platform

Leading AI-Powered E-Commerce Personalization Platform, Nosto Expands Its Inventory to Deliver Targeted Shopping Experiences and Much More

Nosto leads the market when it comes to personalizing the e-commerce sphere and enabling retailers with AI-powered tools. Now, Nosto is bolstering its existing platform by adding fresh capabilities like New Content Personalization, Segmentation Tools and Insights. These additions are empowering the e-commerce domain to provide targeted and unique online shopping engagements to customers. Brands are confident that Nosto’s upgraded platform will deepen a customer’s relationship with them across all channels such as –

Nosto as an enterprise has been showing tremendous growth from the past few years. Here are some facts about the organization-

  • Nosto has grown at 260% over the past three years
  • The company collaborates with 2500 brands globally.
  • Nosto has driven $10 billion worth of Gross Merchandise Volume(GMV) through its customer stores since its inception
  • The enterprise averages at 22 percent GMV growth for retail customers. The figure is higher than the GMV growth rates for e-commerce retailers (14%)

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Jim Lofgren, CEO of Nosto, said “when we first launched Nosto, our focus was on delivering AI-powered, personalized recommendations for products across an online store in real-time. Today, we’re expanding these capabilities by leveraging our vast network of retail data to deliver even more robust experiences — a fully personalized shopping experience with web content perfectly fitting the customer across any digital channel. We’re energized by what we have been seeing during the beta period of these new products — increased sales and deeper brand relationships with retailers.

Nosto’s goal has been to deliver an expanded platform to transform the way people experience online retail by making those experiences far more relevant and personal. In order to deliver a truly personalized brand experience, retailers need to go beyond products and look at the brand experience as a whole. Today, we’re delivering tools that enable our retailers to leverage our proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, which now can be used to create memorable brand experiences at scale, ultimately driving more sales.”

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Here is a brief describing the elements of the new launch from Nosto-

Content Personalization

Nosto’s Content Personalization Platform has surpassed the era of product recommendations. E-commerce retailers are leveraging the platform and providing customized shopping experiences to consumers depending on real-time insights and personas. This is the dawn of fully customized customer journeys when individuals interact with brands.

Customer Segmentation

Artificial intelligence that powers Nosto’s platform identifies the exact position of a customer in the shopping funnel. The platform does it through updating real-time transactional data helping e-tailers leverage on targeted advertising capabilities. This drastically improves customer experience as relevant content appears due to real-time insights.

Gaining Insights

Nosto has thoughtfully built a separate insights platform for e-commerce retailers so that they can make the most out of real-time data. The data is what powers the AI engine which enables harnessing the entire customer data from the e-commerce website. Ultimately, e-commerce stakeholders can gain deep insights through which they can explore newer avenues of entrepreneurship.

Targeted advertising is going to be critical in the near future to gain customers. Nosto’s platform has the perfect components for a robust e-commerce personalization experience. With companies like Salesforce, Monetate, reflektion etc. also churning similar products, there is tough competition for Nosto. However, one thing is for sure that the e-commerce industry will reap huge benefits from personalized platforms.

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