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B2B marketing has undergone a continued revolution over the last few years and the constant innovation and enhanced capabilities within the martech-salestech ecosystem are only set to drive more changes to this segment. 

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One of the biggest challenges today is finding high quality audiences via third-party data that accurately identifies the user that the marketer is trying to reach. Sometimes, advertisers are seeking to target consumers that have a specific attitudinal mindset, yet that data just doesn’t exist. Other times, advertisers are looking to target in-market consumers but have challenges finding up-to-date segments that accurately represent a user’s current mindset. Most traditional third-party data sources do not provide transparency around how exactly data is sourced or modeled to create a targetable segment. Additionally, some marketers just don’t have access to enough of their own first party data and need to find solutions that can help fill in those gaps. 

Christina Park, VP of North America Enterprise Sales at LoopMe

Top MarTech News of The Week: 13th September to 17th September 2021

MarTech QnA with the Expert

MarTech Interview with Paul Ross, VP of Marketing at Affinity
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Beyond automation of data and enrichment, we see the major opportunity for AI is to provide better insights into the relationships and dynamics of deal-making. When is the right time to engage a founder to discuss investment opportunities, how does a relationship graph help to build a pipeline of deals with a higher propensity to close, who are the most important people to build relationships with.

Paul Ross, VP of Marketing at Affinity  

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