Benefits of Native Ads in Today’s Digital Marketing Mix

Native ads are those that you see at the bottom or those that show as part of a news page or webpage. Considered a big part of modern marketing, native ads play a vital role in today’s digital marketing mix. Global, national, and even local brands are discovering their power.

That said, native ads are not suitable for all types of products and services. For a specific niche with a small target audience, such ads are usually not recommended.

If you want to use native ads for your business, native advertising platforms can help. These platforms arrange publisher pipelines and work with companies looking for ad space.

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Some of the popular tools to create native ads are:

1. Outbrain

Headquartered in New York with offices spread globally, Outbrain is one of the leading native advertising platforms to curate and publish content across various channels. It features smart editorial controls and analytics for judging impact among others.

2. Taboola

Do you want to know what interests your audience and what’s next in store? A native ad platform,Taboola can help you with this. A leading native advertising platform, Taboola takes your  advertisements to websites that your customers trust.

3. Nativo

Nativo is a platform that has developed and patented the technology for native advertising. Nativo is a hard to beat platform in the realm of native advertising that allows ads to display seamlessly in the digital publisher environment. Nativo is a creative storytelling platform where advertisers and publishers can distribute their brand stories in detail.

4. StackAdapt

A user-friendly and easy-to-use native advertising platform, StackAdapt offers its native advertising in specialized DSP, B2B targeting, supporting programmatic advertising, engagement analytics, etc.

5. Basis

Basis has expertise in fitting your advertising to fit the audience’s experience and not disrupt their reader experience. The platform helps brands to create thoughtful ads and messaging that blend seamlessly with other content.

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After looking at the tools, we come to the most important point of this piece, the importance of native advertising. Check the following:

1. Native Ads put you and your brand in Control

Advertisers can never know who will see their ads, and this is frustrating. The problem is solved with native ads. One of the best things about native advertising is that advertisers can place their content in an environment where the target audience will see it. You are in full control of your ads.

2. Native Ads empower publishers and customers

Modern consumers want solutions to their problems and are entertained as well. Whether they are looking for products or services or nothing at all, they will still look at native ads and likely click on it or engage with it if it resonates with some of their past or current buying sentiments.

Customers feel empowered to watch native ads because these ads are not imposing.

3. They are more trustworthy than traditional ads

Consumers today tend to trust native ads more than conventional ads. Native ads are more entertaining, impactful, and thought-provoking, and they leave a lasting impression.

4. Native ads capture Attention

In all respects, native ads capture the audience attention and work effectively in this digital environment. Native ads follow a seamless promotional approach compared to other apparent methods such as banner ads.

When done with the right approach, native advertising will fit in perfectly with a site’s content or social timelines.

5. Native ads are ad-blocker-friendly

There are many things to love about native advertising, but one thing to like the most is that native ads are humble and they are read like regular content on the website. Native ads are not disruptive in the traditional sense. Native ads do not pop out from anywhere to irritate your target audience.

6. These ads are device-responsive

We are in a world of digital responsiveness, and, smartphones play a role in every digital transaction.  Google launched the mobile-first index in 2019, and it said that if sites want to perform, they must stand out on mobile devices.

Advertisers who use native ads can relax as these ads work seamlessly with mobile websites. It is the number one ad unit for mobile sites.

7. More scope for innovation

Of all the other benefits of native ads, this one is classic. With native ads, there is immense scope for innovation. The main feature of Native advertising is to blend in with the main content of a platform. The native ads platforms allow advertisers and publishers to experiment more than ever to reach the deepest level of user interaction and engagement.

Wrapping Up

Native ads are effective because they work differently than other types of conventional ads. If you want to generate sales for your e-commerce or bring more leads to your business, native ads should be a top choice.

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