Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: 26th-April-2021: Featuring Moz, Movable Ink, ActiveCampaign, Infutor

Access to better and regular online behaviour data and metrics will be key to growing marketing and martech investments in 2021 and beyond. Catch more on what the experts predict and what best practices can be used to lift your marketing ROI in this weekly martech highlight:

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As CRO, the end goal is to increase revenue streams from new and existing customers. But our paradigm of sales success has shifted to where it’s not necessarily specific to the individual, or about “who” sells the most anymore.-George Donovan, Chief Revenue Officer at Allego

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MarTech Interview with Hunter Montgomery, Chief Marketing Officer at ChurnZero
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First-party data is key! As data privacy requirements increase and become more rigorous, marketers will need to rely on  tracking direct brand engagement  with their audiences and customers.  Focus on outreach to your current database while expanding your first-party data sources. Use this engagement to fill in the whitespace and build profiles to personalize and better target your audience. Hunter Montgomery, Chief Marketing Officer at ChurnZero

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