Three Ways to Make Good Your Wrongful Email Marketing Send!

It’s happened before and it might happen again; your marketing ops team scheduled an email for the wrong time or date or with the wrong CTA/link and now you’re wondering what to do to fix the issue.

With all the advancement in marketing operations that new-age martech offers, the human element is still critical in aligning goals, data and campaign messages and marketing concepts. When a brand has a long duration campaign that’s ongoing (for instance, a one-month campaign to drive webinar registrations for a webinar that’s about 05 weeks away), there is always going to be scope for that one wrong email send to go to the wrong list of people or with the wrong CTA during this time.

Fortunately for most, it is important to understand that even some of the world’s leading marketing teams have goofed up at sometime or the other when it comes to their email send. But the great part of this is, in order to fix it, teams can use their marketing/ email automation to quickly resend the right campaign message with a creative touch.

Here are three ways to make good your wrong email marketing send!

1. A creative apology: focus on a good subject line

Maybe your team sent an email reminder about a webinar session going ‘’live now’’ an hour prior to the actual live schedule. Or maybe your marketing team sent an email for the same thing, but with the wrong date.

As soon as a marketing team or it’s leader denotes what went wrong in a recent marketing email send, what matters most is resending the right information to the right audience, at the right time! Quick action here can save the situation without compromising on audience quality, attendees or registrants numbers, depending on what the goal is.

Using creative subject lines like – ‘’Oops, {First Name}, Apologies for the Gaffe’’ or ‘’We Goofed Up, Here’s What you Need to know’’, are just some usable examples of how to tweak an email campaign and resend it to the right people with the right information.

Based on what the mistake was in the previous email send in the first place, marketing teams then (obviously!) need to reset or tweak certain parts of their email copy as well to get the right information across to their target audience.

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2. Include a relevant customer contact profile/contact information for your audience to directly reach out to

Your wrongful email send might have been because of a wrong link, wrong time, wrong event date or even a wrong offer promo sent at the wrong time or perhaps even, it was an email send in which the team put an offer code that is working for some of the audience set but not for others.

Either way, email recipients may need to quickly reach out to you, based on what the wrong information that was sent to them entailed. Depending on the type of error in the message, it might make sense to include a relevant customer support / marketing support / brand support contact within the ‘’apology email’’ so that recipients can directly reach out for clarifications if needed.

For large volume email sends or campaigns that have thousands of recipients, the brand needs to decide on what type of direct contact (phone/email/chat) or how many to place so that incoming calls/incoming queries don’t unnecessarily go onto a long queue thereby negatively disrupting the customer experience.

3. Add a value-add because you goofed up!

Your audience is already receiving tons of messages/emails and even calls from brands, all the time. A second email sent with the aim of fixing the wrong message from the first is something that can crowd their inboxes further although you didn’t intend to do that.

Keeping in mind that it is always important to maintain a strong brand experience and journey, its crucial to ask: if I need to send an email again to the same audience on the same day or just moments after my last email send, how can I do it without getting them perturbed or crowding their space?

For starters here, any additional value-add (a free product, an add-on feature, a complimentary service) can ease the overall outcome of a second brand or marketing email going out on the same day.

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End Note: Just Because You Sent a Wrong Marketing Email: It’s Not The End of The World!

Marketers can use mistakes in campaigns or flaws in strategies to get more creative and still drive optimum output. The core secret lies in identifying mistakes/problems earlier on in the cycle or journey and fixing it at the right time.

Marketing automation tools and martech platforms, mainly the data within it, needs to be evaluated regularly and especially soon after an email send is sent out so that errors (links that lead to 404s and so many others) can be quickly identified and addressed. But the best breed marketers will prevent this from happening by testing every email send more than once before an actual email is sent out to a particular data set.

Turning a mishap to your brand’s advantage can actually get your prospects and audience to smile or laugh it off without it causing a big issue. A little bit of humor and a lot of creativity here can go a long way in still building the right marketing and brand connect despite a wrongful email send!

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