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Data-driven solutions and in-depth research are now crucial to helping businesses navigate through new challenges and new changes in today’s B2B digital journey. 

What helps meet consumer interest online while ensuring data security and safety? 

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Data is a team sport. It’s every team’s responsibility to help make sure data is useful and easily accessible for the whole organization. It should be managed along the entire product development lifecycle, so that the value for each team compounds to the upside. The antithesis of that is when teams only think about their needs and data silos are created; the organization experiences an entropic state, which leads to a disjointed and inaccurate view of customer preferences. It’s a classic tragedy of the commons. This can inhibit or completely undermine the opportunity that companies have to drive holistic customer experience.-Michael Katz, CEO and Co-founder of mParticle

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The single greatest thing you can do is to set your focus on how your customers make a purchasing decision online. COVID-19 triggered a step-function increase in demand as consumers were literally forced online. The habits they’re forming won’t go away. Online commerce is where people will continue booking appointments, scheduling meetings, and purchasing goods. You must think of your customers first and build a strategy around their consumer habits. This means helping your business thrive in a digital world. You need to be found online, have a good reputation, and execute a strong social media strategy. It all contributes to a transaction. Remember: Your competitors are only one click away. My second piece of advice would be: Find a local expert who can help.Brendan King, CEO of Vendasta 

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