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What can marketers do to future-proof their events? And how can modern-day advertisers drive more ad revenue from their online initiatives? Catch more tips and best practices from this weekly highlight:


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Relationship intelligence platforms are saving dealmakers hundreds of hours of data entry per investor per year by automating data capture—from creating contact records to logging interactions and keeping deals up-to-date. Affinity surveyed its clients and found that our platform saves an average of 226 hours of data entry allowing more time to be spent on closing deal pipeline.

Ray Zhou, co-founder and co-CEO at Affinity

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CMOs need to embrace the fact that B2B marketing is data-driven. I recommend regular audits of your marketing tech stack to ensure that the tech currently in place is adopted by the team, and that it is usable and valuable to answer the questions: Are we getting the right data from the marketing technology that we are using? Are we gaining the right insights for the business? Are we taking advantage of innovation happening in the marketing/communications industry? Heidi Arkinstall, CMO, G-P

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