Highspot Swings Sales Strategy into Action with AI-powered SmartPage Technology

Highspot’s Fall Product Release Introduces New SmartPage Marketplace, Data Slices, and Web Apps Enable Go-to-Market Teams to Elevate Customer Conversations 

In arguably, Sales Team is the revenue engine of any company. Modern Sales teams now rely on advanced set of tools and techniques to convey their messages and engage prospects into engrossing conversations. A majority of successful Sales teams attribute their wins to personalized content delivered through a well-laid out Sales Enablement roadmap. This involves embracing new-age technology such as Sales Analytics, Customer Insights, Offer Management, Automation, Targeted Sales Content, and Price-rules Engines. Picking the right info to share with your customers can make any sales rep a champion, and Highspot has been doing this for sometime now.

Today, Sales Enablement company Highspot announced the commercial launch of pioneering technology for Sales and Customer Engagement. Highspot’s AI-powered SmartPage™ technology enables go-to-market teams context alongside content so they can have the most effective customer conversations. In short, SmartPage Technology offer extensible capabilities across content, data, and web applications that drive Customer Engagement, Sales Performance, and Revenue Growth.

Today, Highspot boasts of over 70 high-speed technology integrations that make reps’ work easy and simplified.

Highspot Swings Sales Strategy into Action with AI-powered SmartPage Technology

At the time of this announcement, we spoke to Highspot CMO, Jon Perera.

Jon explained how Marketing and Sales teams can exceed revenue goals with simplified Sales Enablement provided by SmartPage. Jon said, “SmartPage technology has the potential to cover a vast number of use cases and integrations. While many tools use separate features and technologies cobbled together, Highspot is a single, extensible platform, which means it can integrate natively with a wide variety of go-to-market tools, including Salesforce and Dynamics, Gong and Outreach, Outlook and Gmail, HubSpot and Marketo. Our Highspot Everywhere technology ecosystem features more than 70 integrations, which give our customers a rich, best-in-class selection of technologies that work seamlessly with SmartPage.”

SmartPage technology and SmartPage Web Apps are generally available to all Highspot customers. Currently, Highspot serves its modern Sales Enablement platform a diverse industry ranging from Adobe, Twitter, Dun and Bradstreet, Workday, Apptio, Playcore, SAP Concur, to Hootsuite, Redhat, Trip Advisor, Dropbox, and Zillow.

Highspot Pushes for New Revenue Opportunities with AI in Marketing and Sales

Highspot CMO explained the role of having AI and Machine Learning in contemporary MarTech and Sales Technology stacks. Jon said, “Machine Learning is a core component of our platform, and we were actually the first company in our industry to patent Artificial Intelligence for Sales Enablement. We focus our Machine Learning on three primary areas:

– Semantic search – We’re basically Google for all your content in Highspot, making finding what you need when you need a fast and easy experience.

– Content recommendations – Our Machine Learning correlates content usage and engagement data with other intelligence to recommend the best content for each customer conversation.

– Content Genomics – We have the ability to infer revenue impact and other outcomes of content that has many different versions. For example, think about your primary pitch deck. It will be altered countless times by reps. With other tools, each version is treated as a separate document, so you can’t determine the overall impact on sales. With Highspot, we’re able to correlate all the various versions back to the original source, offering a clear view of consumption and impact.

Jon added, “AI and Machine Learning are boosting sellers’ productivity and effectiveness — and show no sign of slowing down. This technology is increasingly important to modern Sales and Mmarketing.”

Outlining the Sales’ need to rely on AI-based SmartPages, Robert Wahbe, CEO, Highspot stated –

“If every customer-facing employee knows what to say, show, and do with prospects and customers, you have a true competitive advantage. Compelling conversations are the foundation of great customer experience. Our AI-powered guidance pairs content with context at scale, making everyone on your team a trusted advisor who delivers real value.”

Key Benefits of Highspot SmartPages Technology for Marketing and Sales Teams

  • SmartPage technology is the first extensible platform to provide dynamic, mobile-ready guidance alongside content for everyone involved in the business-to-business purchase process. SmartPages enable successful customer engagements and personalized experiences across a wide range of use cases.
  • The SmartPage Marketplace offers customers in-platform access to SmartPage templates built by Highspot’s Sales Acceleration Partners, including Challenger, DSG, RAIN Group, and Sandler Training. The Marketplace gives enablement teams a fast track to building guided experiences for sales training, communication, and coaching.
  • SmartPage Data Slices present AI-powered reports and dashboards within any SmartPage, ensuring cross-team visibility and enabling automated, bulk actions that optimize sales and marketing performance.
  • SmartPage Web Apps easily integrate interactive web applications into SmartPages, powering a key go-to-market uses cases, from ROI calculators to meeting schedulers.

Trevor Yeats, Director, B2B Marketing, Verizon Media, added, “Highspot’s SmartPage technology enables us to quickly build out content hubs for our key areas of business so that our sellers can understand the resources available at a glance. We can easily customize guided experiences, giving our salespeople more context for how and when assets should be used.”

In a hyper-competitive global marketplace, Sales success and customer retention are increasingly difficult to achieve. Go-to-market teams need guidance delivered at the point-of-action to win customer loyalty.

According to Gartner, “Important trends include further advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to offer insights to sellers in the form of predictive analysis and next-best actions, as well as buyer engagement insights and advice on how to capitalize on those insights” (Gartner, Market Guide for Sales Engagement Platforms, Melissa Hilbert, Mark Paine, Alastair Wollcock, Theodore Travis, August 2019).

David Mattson, CEO and President, Sandler Training, said, “Putting training into action during critical conversations can mean the difference between a win or loss. Highspot’s SmartPages and Marketplace make it easy to enable Salespeople with the right content and context when it matters most.”

“Content means little without guidance. The best go-to-market teams pair intelligent technology and proven methodology to connect with customers,” said Erica Stritch Schultz, VP of Marketing, RAIN Group. “We’ve seen success delivering our content through SmartPage to Highspot customers, and believe the Marketplace is what great Sales Enablement looks like.”

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