TechBytes with Lauren Kiser, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sprinklr

TechBytes with Lauren Kiser, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sprinklr

Hi, please tell us about your role and the team/technology at Sprinklr.

I’m a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sprinklr supporting our Modern Advertising Product. I work closely with our Product Managers to bring our products to market and the market to our products, both supporting our field teams and evangelizing the work our customers are doing.

Sprinklr is a modern Customer Experience Management platform that enables Marketing, Advertising, Research, Care, and Engagement across more than 35 modern channels including social, messaging, and chat. Our platform is unique with a unified front office architecture that is Omnichannel and is built on public CXM data and powered by AI.

The Modern Advertising product, one of the 5 products that comprises our CXM platform, aims to help brands deliver personalized advertising to consumers on modern channels effectively and efficiently with limited risk to the brand.

Sprinklr recently partnered with Tiktok. How would it benefit advertisers and content publishers?

The partnership between Sprinklr and TikTok is incredibly exciting, and it’s the first of its kind. As TikTok’s first advertising API partner, Sprinklr Modern Advertising gives advertisers the opportunity to increase their return on ad spend, improve advertiser productivity, and protect their brand’s reputation.

Our AI-powered optimization capabilities like Smart Budget Allocation and Smart Bidding will give TikTok advertisers the opportunity to tap into real-time, automated optimizations and achieve results similar to the 30% improvements other customers are seeing across channels. With enterprise-grade governance, automated approval paths, budget and pacing controls, and so much more. TikTok advertisers can rest assured that every ad dollar spent is governed appropriately to mitigate risk while optimizing return.

Which other partnerships in the AdTech and CX marketplace are you currently focusing on?

We’re constantly evaluating the needs of our customers and determining which partnership will drive the most value for them. In the next few months, we’ll be rolling out improved and additional integrations with measurement and analytics partners, specifically focused on supporting our customers focused on direct response.

We’re also heavily invested in continuing to develop our cross-product capabilities within the Sprinklr platform. With products for Marketing, Research, Care, and Engagement, we can drive an incredible amount of value for our customers by continuing to connect these front office functions and streamline their workflows.

For example, we recently developed a feature called Smart Rules that leverages the Listening capabilities within Sprinklr to enable advertisers to seamlessly take actions on their campaigns (like pause or increase budgets) based upon changes in sentiment or volume of mentions around a particular topic.

Tell us more about the technology driving Sprinklr Modern Advertising. How does it help to improve advertiser productivity and increase return on Ad spend?

The Sprinklr Modern Advertising product is an end-to-end solution that helps advertisers do everything from plan budgets and creative, to optimize based upon third-party metrics, to report on performance, and everything in between. The beauty of our product is not only its ability to advertise across channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Line, and now TikTok) but also its ability to plug in to other front-office functions.

Advertisers can improve performance with AI-powered, real-time optimizations across campaigns using standard channel metrics, custom brand calculations, and third-party analytics from sources like Adobe Analytics, Google Campaign Manager, and more. It’s incredibly powerful to be able to optimize toward real business outcomes like revenue using these third-party analytics and also doing so on channels with limited native optimization capabilities.

Our platform also helps advertisers deliver personalized, compelling content to users based on their stage in the customer journey using integrated, dynamic first-party audience data. Advertisers can connect first-party data sources like their CRM or Marketing Automation platform to automatically ingest customer data and keep it updated in real-time. That data can be used in audience segmentation to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time.

Sprinklr Modern Advertising works to streamline campaign production using channel-agnostic automation and workflows that drive real-time collaboration between internal brand and external agency teams. It also reduces the time and manual effort required to manage and optimize campaigns using AI-powered tools across modern channels.

One of the most powerful features of the platform as a whole is the ability to access real-time, automated reporting dashboards using standard channel metrics, custom brand calculations, and third-party analytics. This can help advertisers uncover timely insights, monitor pacing, and compare performance to benchmarks to improve advertising strategy without having to log in to each native platform, export results, and manually extract insights.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on customer support. What has been your preparedness level to face such a crisis? Any advice to others in the industry, especially when delivery of products could be the only CX metric available.

There’s absolutely no way to be prepared for something like the events of COVID-19, and instead of pulling out my thesaurus, I’ll just use the first word that comes to mind for all of us: unprecedented.

When you work for a company like Sprinklr, however, whose singular focus has always been to make customers happier, it’s not surprising to witness the events that have unfolded in our organization over the last two months. Each and every team has rallied around the notion that not only could our platform help brands during this time, but the new normal has been challenging old assumptions and the transformation to digital customer experience has been accelerated.

To others in the industry, I’d encourage you to keep your customers at the center of everything you do. That may mean deploying features for free to support a need your customers are experiencing or postponing a release to maintain some sense of stability. It’s true that people never forget how you make them feel, and partnerships can be made or can be broken by a company’s ability and desire (or lack thereof) to support their customers in hard times.

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Lauren is a marketing and advertising professional with 8 years experience in the digital space. Through her work in roles at brands, agencies, and software companies, she has developed a comprehensive viewpoint on how social and digital mediums drive customer journeys and impact brand performance.

Lauren completed her Masters of Business Administration in 2014 with a focus on social media marketing, arming her with the experience and knowledge to help brands reach their goals. Currently, Lauren serves as the Senior Product Marketing Manager supporting the Modern Advertising product at Sprinklr — the world’s first Unified Front Office Platform for Modern Channels.

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Sprinklr is a provider of enterprise software for customer experience management. We help brands turn public conversations on modern channels into valuable insights to improve marketing, advertising, customer service, product development and more.

Sprinklr has five products on one platform: Modern Marketing, Modern Advertising, Modern Research, Modern Care and Modern Engagement. Sprinklr’s unified platform allows siloed teams to collaborate and deliver memorable customer experiences — at scale.